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  • Original E-Z Glide Microfiber Mop
    Original E-Z Glide Microfiber Mop
    This product is tried and true. One of our flagship products. The original fiber Mop comes with a 5' steel telescopic handle, and a plastic base, and the Original Wet-Dry Microfiber Mop Head. Also included is our wall hanger for easy storage of all your Microfiber.
    Our price: $29.95
  • Eye Kandy sprinkles - NEW COLORS!
    Eye Kandy sprinkles - NEW COLORS!
    Buy a 3 Pack or a 6 Pack and Save!
    Eye Kandy Sprinkles 3-Pack - $25.95 SAVE $3.90
    Eye Kandy Sprinkles 6-Pack - $39.95 SAVE $19.75
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    With 60 colors to choose from, there is something for everyone. The SF, or Superfine Sprinkles are the smallest grain size offering you a beautiful shimmer that can be worn as a liner, or a shadow. The second we offer is F, or Fine Sprinkles, our largest grain offered. This will pick up the most light and color for fabulous dramatic looks. The next we offer are Sugars, the grain size is the same as the Fine Sprinkles however this is an iridescent color. The Sugars will take on whatever color that is around them. The Cotton Candy goes on as a see through light pink, but when applied over a dark liner or a colored shadow the pink shows hints of blue and violet. Stunning.
    Our price: $9.95